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Influx Lighting is a lighting design consultancy limited company, specialising in offering an independent advice service on both the practical and creative application of light, luminaires, and associated technologies for the built environment.

We understand that it’s the needs of the individuals within the spaces to be illuminated, that must be embraced and collaborated with, to facilitate a successful lighting design.

Our 37 years of ‘industry insight’ enables us to access to an extensive selection of specialist fabricators, technology expertise and luminaire suppliers, to ensure our creative and engineering solutions have no boundaries.




About Us

Influx Lighting is an independent lighting design consultancy, based in West Yorkshire, in-volved in all aspects of delivering innovative lighting design and product applications to the built environment. Our core services include the development and logistical management of tailor-made product solutions, lighting control systems and associated technologies, along with lighting scheme design. By engaging with Influx Lighting, you are instantly taking advantage of our unique industry-insider-knowledge, built up over 37 years, helping you get the best outcome for your lighting requirements.



This image portfolio highlights just a few of the projects and product types I have designed and managed over the years both old and new. Every image has its own unique story involving the careful considered application of light, its technology, manufacturing process and logistics management.

The Process

When it comes to applying lighting, we understand that each space has their own unique challenges that need to be considered with a balance approach of both aesthetic awareness and practical applied solutions, so, let start talking. Once we have explored your design aspirations, we will tailor-make an agreement of how best to deliver the projects requirements and commence immediately collating information for you and your design team’s consideration.


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